The challenge

To re-design the new generation Glue Home Smart Lock from its existing physical form through to the digital user interface and beyond.

The Glue Smart Lock allows customers to lock and unlock doors using their smartphones. Via Bluetooth, the app lets you share and revoke access to individual locks and also receive notifications when someone accesses your home. However the original product felt dated and too large which is the reason a more elegant, simple solution was needed in the re-design.

The product brief was to make this new version of the lock smaller, more appealing to the consumer and with a sense of breakthrough. These core values then needed to be adopted within the mobile app by applying the aesthetic treatment used on the physical lock, in terms of colour, general feel and visual cues such as the thumb turn.

The visual goal for the iOS & Android app was to bridge the gap between the physical and digital interactions users would experience with their smart lock. The thumb turn was designed to be as realistic as possible to achieve this symmetry but still work well alongside all the more utilitarian features of the app. The Glue brand Orange was retained but tonally warmed and integrated with the revised brand palette. The thumb turn pattern is also used as a subtle background throughout.

To elevate the interface design further, a bespoke mini-range of icons were created to be used globally throughout and for future digital & print aspects of the product as it evolves.

Key hero moments were then identified where animated elements could bring the app to life. Areas such as the initial loading sequence, notification alerts, lock installation and property location finder were examples to emphasis the Glue brand and incorporate more of an identity.

As part of the physical installation process, a step-by-step guide was illustrated for the app to aid customers in mounting their new smart lock to their homes. Once locks are fitted correctly to chosen doors, the Glue Smart Lock successfully calibrates and becomes useable. As a further development asset, a basic element specsheet provided the core layout specifics and global brand components.


CES 2016: CES Honoree Award


Agency: Native

Role: Lead UI Design

Design Engineering Director: Sarah Liddell

Lead ID Design: Tai-Jung Lee

UX: Steve Meadows