The challenge

To visualise the interface for a new premium smartwatch for the initial US market launch.

The Olio brand lies within the luxury lifestyle arena which had to be evident in the design aesthetic of each watchface. They have three ranges with individual themes which had to be considered whilst concepting, all with different designs but based on the same mechanic and navigation. The core function of these watches was the dynamic notifications and how these could be displayed.

The more elite, high-end design was based on a constellation concept where the notifications are formed and grow in size depending on their importance. Alerts, charging status and call to actions all pulsate to accompany the more futuritic style. Another concept takes inspiration from the more sport, utility brand watches that provide more fuctional detail. Both designs are in keeping with the current Olio branding and typography.

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Agency: Native

Role: Concept design

Design Lead: Alex Jarvis

UX Lead: Alistair Knight